Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lush Stuff

2 Cinders bath bombs
2 So White bath bombs
1 Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb
1 Dragon's Egg bath bomb
1 Bearded Lady bubble bar
1 Candy Cane bubble bar

+ I ordered some stuff online too. I'm afraid I've found some new favorite things to blow my money on, hahah. but there is a sale going on for buy 1 get 1 free on all holiday stuff! most of the stuff I bought was holiday stuff so it was a great deal.

reviews to come!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Weekend/Cyber Monday Sales!

So far I have discovered:

Pacsun - free Shipping, no code/minimum
Nyx Cosmetics - 50% off everything, no code (expensive shipping)
Forever 21 - buy one, get one free on clearance, no code (excludes accessories/shoes), and 10% off sweaters, code COZY AND free shipping no code/minimum! (excludes sale stuff though)
JCPenney - free shipping over $25, code JOLLY4U or free shipping to your local JCP store where you would pick it up from
Delia's - free shipping, no minimum, code CYBERFS (I think you still have to pay $1.99 for handling though. lame)
Hollister - 20% off your purchase, code 3580 (shipping's kind of expensive)

Go Jane - 35% regular-priced stuff, code JANEBLACK35 (I just used this one myself. teehee)
Urban Outfitters - free shipping over $75, code GETSTUFFED (lame, but it's there in case you need it)
American Eagle - free shipping on all orders, 20% off orders with code 45838295

Wet Seal - 20% off entire purchase and free shipping over $15, doesn't seem to be a code

I'll edit this post as I discover more worth mentioning!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hair ft. my dorky boyfriend

Okay, so for those of you who have wanted to see my boyfriend... I finally got him live. He was being a SUPER DORK though so yeah... lame. Anyways, this product was shown in my last makeup haul video and I'm proud to say that I have actually used it! I didn't bleach my hair first or anything soooo yeah, it doesn't look like the picture obviously.
Review and How To video being uploaded tomorrow. I was gonna upload it today but then I thought I'd rather just wait til tomorrow since I already uploaded a video earlier.
Keep an eye out :)

Oh yeah and I bought this product. Lol. I don't think I'm ever going to get sponors or whatever so just note that everythinggggg I show in my videos/blog were bought by me... or my mom or something. Hahah.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Will do a haul in the next couple days but for now, I will leave you with this:
$1 skinny jeans NOW at Walmart.

Video up later this week!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

blue green florals

vintage Betsey Johnson dress  - $7 Ebay
tights - mom's closet
blue cardigan - boyfriend's closet
shoes - $18.99 Urban Outfitters
DIY studded bag - mom's closet

Makeup (for a wedding reception. lol I don't normally use this much stuff for school/work):
& I know it's hard to see because my eyelids are quite small. unfortunate, but true. you can see it better in my newest video.
e.l.f eyelid primer - $1
e.l.f eyes transformers palette in the light green color - $3
e.l.f eyebrow kit - $3
e.l.f gel liner - $3
green and blue shimmery eyeshadow from 120 color palette - $19.99 Ebay
matte blue from Wet & Wild color icon palette - $3 Rite Aid
Cover Girl coral lip stain - $5 Rite Aid

and by the way, I don't get paid or get any sort of compensation for mentioning/using products on here or in my videos. I just happen to like certain brands a lot, teehee.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Pictures!

Here they are as requested. remember I was sick that night so I'm not looking too happy unfortunately ;(
also my boyfriend hates all the pictures of him that night. teeheeee.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Favorites

some pictures of the stuff I talked about in my video:

 EOS lip balm + Palmers Cocoa Butter lip butter. both free.

Pryamids studs from

Cheap Monday jeans from Ebay for $19.95

Blue worn Dr Martens from the thrift store for $6.99. White Dr Martens from Ebay for $44. Laces for the blue boots were $2 from Walmart.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cabbage roses

jacket - H&M $9.95
dress - Urban Outfitters $14.99
tights - Target $3.49

I'll get a picture of the actual dress tomorrow... also I'm behind on posts so I might be posting a lot tonight. heh.

Friday, September 24, 2010

sick ;(

the day before homecoming too... I still have a bunch of errands to do and a video to film but I'm just out of it. sore throat, runny nose, fever, the works.
I'll be back soon though!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi guys! as some of you know, I've been selling stuff on a MySpace account but not everyone has a MySpace so I'll be posting some of the better stuff here for you guys to see. I have literally hundreds of items (not just clothes) for sale on MySpace but yeah, I'll just post the good stuff here :)

ALSO I will be lowering prices a little bit on here.

Info about buying: I accept paypal and concealed cash (cash wrapped in 2-3 sheets of paper). I usually ship 1-2 days after an order is made and I post up "proof" pictures (pictures of package and/or receipt after I go to the post office) on my MySpace but you can request to see it personally too.

Monday, September 13, 2010

bag collection video

so I was requested to do a bag collection video and I don't want it to just be me sitting in one spot and showing my bags one by one... so I was thinking of maybe doing an outfit of the day type thing (except not every outfit would be an ootd or that might take awhile) and wearing a different bag in each outfit. that way I'd be able to show my bags and talk about them while showing what kinds of outfits I wear with each one.
it might be fun, but if anyone else has any ideas then just let me know!

also... I just want to make clear that I only have a lot of bags because:
  1. my mom has a lot of now vintage bags that she doesn't use anymore but she's always kept for some reason
  2. at the thrift store, they're dirt cheap
  3. Target always has bags on clearance
and they're just in a pile now because I'm moving rooms in my house (YESSS!!! FINALLY!).

Thursday, September 9, 2010

le boyfriend

like reaaaally, I had no idea people would actually watch the video I uploaded about my boyfriend and I. I thought maybe a couple people max since it's not a video about my usual stuff. that's why I made the pictures flip fast because I thought a long drawn out slideshow would have put you guys to sleep. so sorry about that! here's some pictures you can actually see. 

our first picture together in April 2008 :D

homecoming 2009. my dress was $3.59 from Ross because the straps were nasty and falling off. I just replaced them for a couple more bucks :D

Tolo 2010

us  more recently... but yeah it's blurry. I still like it though :D

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm in desperate need of a new camera or video editing software.
my DSLR doesn't have video recording capabilities so that really sucks. I'm upgrading soon though but in the meantime I still need something to use. I've been using my mom's dig. camera but it is not that great. the audio is always off and it's a pain to fix.
then Movie Maker... it always crashes on me and the video neverrrr turns out like the preview in MM. what the heckkkk.

so yeah... I had to delete the video I just uploaded. I'll probably redo it tomorrow. sorry guys ;(

floral romper - ootd

this is the romper I got for $3 at Rue 21 as seen in this post.
this isn't reeeally an outfit of the day type picture but I was describing how it looks on in my video so here's a picture just to show how it looks :D
and yeah... the second picture looks funny. it was so sunny out!

alsooo, I'm uploading a video now. might be awhile before it's live though =/

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

watercolors - ootd

it's starting to rain up here in Seattle again =/

open cardigan - Ross $9.99
watercolor top - Rue 21 $2
black jeans - from Vietnam
lace up boots - Urban Outfitters $40 (a splurge)

thrift store buy

I went to Value Village on Labor day and they had 50% off store wide so I picked up two things. I got a nice leather messenger bag. It's vintage and still in really good condition. I can fit my netbook in it and my school folders and whatnot. 

Vintage messenger bag - $9.99

and yeah... I don't include thrift store stuff in my videos because it's not like other people can get the same things. I will include them on here though just because I'd like to dispel the stereotypes of shopping at thrift stores. I mean, it's really a great resource regardless of how much money you have, your style, your favorite stores, etc.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

more sales

  • charlotte russe - all clearance stuff = 75% off original price. REALLY GOOD DEALS... but shipping's $6 and there's no coupon codes really to use
  • express - $15 off purchase of $60 online and in stores, 50% off clearance, 40% off select stuff. I know there's sometimes a $25 off $50 coupon but I haven't run into it lately unfortunately
  • wet seal -free shipping on purchases over $15 and 30% off clearance merch
  • forever 21 - free shipping on purchases over $40
  • walgreens - 40% rimmel makeup, buy one get one free for a lot of other brands

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

outfit of the day

new shoes I got from my newest video (uploading now) - DSW Shoes $15
blue bird top (in size L so I can wear it as a tunic) - Charlotte Russe $7.49
plain leggings - Target $3.50
purse - from my mom's closet ;D

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


free shipping: FALLFORIT
10% off - CLASSACT

for now you can enter one code in, then click the "back" button, then enter in the second code. it's probably a glitch because usually you can't combine coupon codes but yeah, it worked for me twice.
I've been taking advantage of these coupon codes ;D

btw - the free shipping one expires 9/30.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

next up:

  • week-long back to school fashion video
  • what's in my bag?
  • later... what's in my school bag?
  • rue 21, kohl's, jcpenney, h&m, + others haul
  • and any other requests I get.
this week will be a busy one! :D

Monday, August 16, 2010


both in stores.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

urban outfitters $5 sale order

whenever I have my receipts and stuff readily available I just like to post pictures in case there's ever any doubt. I know this was from awhile ago but I wanted to get the video out first before I posted this. it's just a screenshot of my order on the UO website. (you can just click on the picture to make it bigger)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

best buys

stuff from my last haul video!
will make another post later. I'm pretty exhausted right now. it's been a longggg day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


still have yet to take more pictures for my blog. so here's two in the meantime! in the bottom picture the shirt & skirt are in my newest video and the necklace is from the one before from Rue 21.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Backstreet Boys :D

A stop along the Backstreet Boys' "This is Us" tour happened to be right in my very city. so of course I bought tickets and dragged my boyfriend to see them with me. he was willing to go though because I've always spoken fondly about BSB, hahah. call me a dork but I've ALWAYS loved them. I first heard their music when I was like... 8ish. BSB<3

it was an indoor concert so I just wore a romper (it's textured and sooo cute) and my denim button-up that I wear quite often. the romper will be in my next haul video and hopefully by then it'll have been ironed. LOL, I was in a rush today ;(

Monday, August 2, 2010

e.l.f makeup review

okay so I've had quite a bit of time to actually use all these products so I'll review them now in case you guys want to order some cheap/good quality makeup. it's from and they ALWAYS have coupon codes. disclaimer: these are all my opinions. I'm not sponsored or anythinggg by e.l.f.

top row, left to right:
  • false eyelashes $1 each - the only products I haven't used yet
  • eyebrow kit $3 - works good. I ordered the darkest color and it seems like it's too light but once you use it you'll see that it blends right in.
  • nail polish $1 - not a huge fan of e.l.f nail polishes. it seems like the product is too sheer/thin and the brush is too small. if you're patient and can do a couple coats then it's worth the price.
  • liquid eye shadow $1 - I LOVE the liquid eye shadows. I use them as a base really and just set it with eyeshadow on top. the color doesn't crease and gives a really pigmented look. I will definitely buy more of these.
  • plumping lip glazes (3) $1 each - great product. you do feel a "tingly" sensation when you apply the clear, plumping side but I couldn't see a huge difference since my lips are sort of plump already. the color went on sheer and isn't as bright as it looks online (which is good in some cases) and it really made my lips feel soft.
  • pencil eyeliners (2) $1 each - as far as pencil eyeliners go, this is good. I haven't really had one that was GREAT so this was just fine. the best part is that it came with a sharpener, so it's like 50cents each piece!
  • liquid lipstick - the color's good. I've never been a huge fan of the applicator part of it since it seems like you're not getting all the product out. also the clicking sound it makes can get annoying if you're in a quiet places.
  • lip stains (2) $3 each - LOVE them. you'll need a brush handy to even out the stain though. I love the colors though and how well it worked.
  • eyeshadow quads - I love them all, period.
  • eyebrow treat & tame $3 - I regret buying it. serves no real purpose. buying a clear mascara would have done the trick. the colored side is waaaaay too light for my eyebrows even though I bought the darkest color.
  • brushes (white ones $1, black is $3) - I use mainly all e.l.f brushes and haven't had a problem yet... except the lip brush. my gosh, that thing is hardened like a knife and can be used as a weapon.
  • bronzers (2) $1 each- perhaps they're a bit too shimmery but I love it nonetheless. I also love how a little goes a LONG way.
  • hand lotion - it wasn't that cheap by e.l.f standards but it works good. I bet you can find a similar product for cheaper at the drugstore though.
  • liquid eyeliner - ehhhh, it's either hit or miss for some people. it's got a fatty wand but I like it personally since I suck at using liquid eyeliners. the smell's not so good but you get what you.

Friday, July 30, 2010

suggestions/requests, anybody?

^went to the beach (not reaaally a beach, just patches of sand and water with a hugeee pier for fishing) with my boyfriend the other day. I was in a rush to find something decent to wear and this is what I came up with. 

anyways! I have lotttts of video ideas to film in the next couple week. they're not haul videos but they'll still be helpful I hope :D
I'll still be going haul vids of course, it's just that they're not easy to "plan" since I don't really plan where I go shopping days ahead of time. they're just more spontaneous. 
but in the meantime if you guys ever have any suggestions for what to film or requests for anything just let me know! I'm also going to venture a bit into the makeup field... and we'll see how that goes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

rue 21

Rue 21 is awesome. my aunt raved about it when she went to Oregon and my boyfriend raved about it when he went to Idaho soooo I thought 'why not go check out the one 20 minutes away from me?' hahah. and so we went. 

basically everything was on sale. racks had a sign above it saying a price likeee $2 or $9 and the tags all have a symbol or whatever on it. for the $2 rack for example, all the tags had a red X and all the stuff in the $9 rack had a circle or something... it's pretty easy to follow. I had to ask an employee because I was like "wait, is all this stuff actually 2 bucks?" 

they also have a lot of deals through coupons. when you make a purchase they'll almost always give you a coupon for $20 off $50, etc. also if you sign up for their newsletters online (, you get a coupon sent to your email for 20% off your purchase. it does exclude some stuff however.
anyways, here's stuff from my recent purchase there:

^the $4 thing was a shirt for my boyfriend ;D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

really big haul tomorrow

I'll get it filmed/edited as soon as I can tomorrow :D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm planning to do a giveaway probably at... 350 or 400 or something. I need to think of a cool idea and that will probably take me a very long time, loool.
but thank you guys so much for actually subscribing and taking the time to comment and whatnot. it means a lot to me! posting videos up was sort of an experimental thing where I was like "well... if nobody watches then whatever." and I still remember how awesome it felt when I had 20 subscribers, teehee.

well anyways! here's an ootd for today. I've been wearing my gladiators waaayyy too much recently. they've got some scuff marks on them now ;(

LOL, you can see my dog in the top picture. my cat was in there and my dog likes to stalk him o_0

White top - vintage, mom's closet
anchor vest - $0.99 thrift store
chiffon skirt - $8 Forever 21
butterscotch gladiators - $9.99 Ross

Ulta Sale!

for all you makeup junkies, Ulta is having a sale on a bunchhhh of their cosmetics.
plus from their Ulta line, automatic lip/eye liners are $1, nail polishes $2, baked eyeshadows $4, etc. etc.

I got some Nyx stuff today and I'm super excited to try them out.
I'll have another video up soon and in the meantime I have a makeup one I just posted up... 2 nights ago?

Saturday, July 10, 2010


sort of... multi-colored ombre skirt - $5
black oxfords - $7
from H&M!
such good stuff thereeee, I really wish they'd open an online store for the U.S. I would be a frequent buyer =P

Friday, July 9, 2010


my two newest looks on lookbook:

sorry for the redundancy if you have come to my blog from lookbook!
it was 94 degrees yesterday and let me tell you, the only good part about it is wearing all my summer clothes. I nearly burnt my hand on my gear knob today driving back from work. even my steering wheel was blazing hot and hurt my hands. and it's practically too hot to even leave my house. all I wanna do is stand next to our little mini air conditioner and wait for the night to breeze on by.
I hope you all are having a fantastic week though! enjoy the sunshine, unlike me :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

blooming bloomers - ootd

lol. ignore my cheesy title. but anyways: flower pants! I love them but they are indeed funky and can only be worn with few things. a plain white tee (curtesy of my boyfriend's closet) looks good with anything loud like these pants. quite honestly I am barefoot in this picture because 1. I always go barefoot and 2. I neverrrr know what kind of shoes to wear with these pants. white shoes looked too matchy with my white tees, black shoes just didn't look right and same with just about all other colors. I have a sort of cranberry/magenta pair that look okay with them, not too great though.
any suggestions for shoes?!