Tuesday, June 29, 2010

blooming bloomers - ootd

lol. ignore my cheesy title. but anyways: flower pants! I love them but they are indeed funky and can only be worn with few things. a plain white tee (curtesy of my boyfriend's closet) looks good with anything loud like these pants. quite honestly I am barefoot in this picture because 1. I always go barefoot and 2. I neverrrr know what kind of shoes to wear with these pants. white shoes looked too matchy with my white tees, black shoes just didn't look right and same with just about all other colors. I have a sort of cranberry/magenta pair that look okay with them, not too great though.
any suggestions for shoes?!

Monday, June 28, 2010

past outfits

I used to have my boyfriend take pictures of me with his cell phone while we waited for the bus in downtown Seattle every day after school. he took a lotttt more after these outfits but then he had to reset his phone and all of them got deleted -_-

I dunno, I just like documenting what I wear because somedays I'm in a rush to get ready and I can often recycle an outfit or idea from what I've worn before. 

50% off already-clearanced stuff at Hollister!

at the time of my last video it was 30% but now it's 50% off already-clearanced items at Hollister!
still 30% off at Abercrombie & Fitch but 50% at Abercrombie (kids).

Friday, June 25, 2010

haul video - 06/25/10

hey guys! I just posted a new video up and here's just a small sampling of the stuff from that video (I won't be posting all just because it might be too redundant):

gold w/ pearls bow necklace from Wet Seal. $2.50

cream crochet/lace boho dress from American Eagle. $13

floral shiny-ish tights from H&M. $5

yellow swiss dot sleeveless tunic/dress from Charlotte Russe. $7.50

gray lace - ootd

gray lace cardigan (buttons are covered) from Hollister. it was marked down to $11.99 then there was an additional 30% off so it came out to be $8something w/ tax included. I love this cardigan because it's SO light and breezy so it can be the perfect cover up. I wore the tank top to work which would normally not be appropriate, but with the lace cardigan over it covers my shoulders but doesn't weigh me down or make me feel warm.
then after work I just threw on shorts because it's starting to get hot here! yay for that. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

latest project

I started awhile ago on embellishing a couple blazers I bought from the thrift store. one as pictured above has gold buttons on the shoulders and I put silver studs on another one. just recently I picked up where I left off. I'll probably do a tutorial on it or something, it's really easy. I'll have pictures up of the finished products too.

Monday, June 21, 2010

the best buy of the week

this blue chiffon dress is currently on clearance at H&M for $10. oh my gosh, it is amazing. it is super light and breezy, the color is brilliant, and it's a nice change from the average spaghetti-strap cotton sun dresses. it looks amazing on too, I bought a size 6 and it fits wonderfully (even though I'm normally a 2 or 4 in H&M sizes) so don't be afraid to size up as most of the smaller sizes were gone at my local store. it can be dressed up or down depending. one negative though is that the bottom only has one layer so don't wear dark panties. teeheee ;D

Sunday, June 20, 2010

room/closet video request

I'm busy cleaning my room basically all of today. I usually suck at maintaining perfection in there but I got requested quite awhile ago for a room/closet your video so it's just more motivation to get things done.
hopefullyyyyy it'll be up in a couple days :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

summertime rain - ootd

the thing I love about my saddles shoes is that they're waterproof. perfect for when the Seattle skies decide to rain during "summer". I wore the lace top with some black leggings for a concert I went to yesterday, it was an amazing outfit that I did not get a picture of because I was so tired when I got home. I'm in love with the top, hahah.

lace top - trade on MySpace
denim top - Walmart $5
jeans - Urban Outfitters $10
saddle shoes - Payless $9
belt - Value Village $0.99

Thursday, June 17, 2010

contrast - ootd

my new chain strap clutch... thing! I love it so much. the size is perfect for just the basics and I don't have to dig around for stuff I need. a nice break from my big bags.
today I didn't do much, just took my dad to the doctor and went to work sooo my outfit was pretty tame. 
suede moccasins - American Eagle $4.97
pants - H&M $10
top - trade on MySpace
sweater - local thrift store $5.99
purse - Value Village $2.49

Monday, June 14, 2010

nautical - ootd

denim dress - H&M $15
vintage vest - Value Village $0.99
black leggings - Target $3.24
Gladiators - Ross $9.99

my favoriteeeee dress. I wear it quite a bit. I had been waiting for it to go on sale for awhile.
so excited, Seattle is finally warming up! and tomorrow is my last day of school after my astronomy final. it's going to be a great summer :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

current sales!

will take pictures of the coupons later.
right now I'm sick sick sick as a dog. finals are coming up next week and my baby cousin's birthday party is on Saturday. I'm always very unfortunate when it comes to when I get sick. laaaame!

anyways. physical coupons/stuff -
  1. Rue 21 - take $10 off any $20 purchase orrr $20 off any $40 purchase! really great deal. it's a coupon my aunt got with a purchase she made so I'm not sure if they're readily available now. it excludes some items like buy one get one free stuff. 5 days only, June 10-June 14.
  2. Old Navy - 10% off total purchase. it was a coupon they gave out with purchases last week so yeah, not sure if you can get them now.
  3. American Eagle - not really a coupon but this month if you have their all-access pass (a free rewards card) you get double points.
online coupon codes/sales -
  1. Wetseal - free shipping over $15 (usually shipping is $5) with code ENT0809 AND right now take 30% off already clearanced items
  2. Forever 21 - huge sale online, most of the really cheap stuff is gone by now though >.<

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

best store buys of the week (06/02/10)

long blog post. I couldn't narrow it down, too many good deals this week. a lot were in my previous YT video but these are the ones that haven't made it into a video yet, minus the 2 sweaters :)

Miley Cyrus brand denim button-up - $5 from Walmart
(^yeah, yuck but whatever. it's cute!)
I loveeee my old denim button-up from AE. I wear it waaay too often, hahah.
so it's nice to get a new one into my closet.

Adidas kicks! - $5.99 from Ross
yeah, authentic and all that. no flaws at all. they were just marked down hella.
they're suuuper cute too. the light pink part is tweed. plus they are very comfy.
this was an amazing find, hahah. I feel very lucky.

v-neck sweater top - $2.07 from American Eagle
originally $30 I believe, then final clearance was $3.97 THEN extra 30% off.
I love AE's extra sales off clearance. I always assumed AE was expensive but noo.
I actually bought three of these... hahah. a white, this, and navy blue.

v-neck sweaters - $0.97 each from Old Navy
they only had sizes L-XXL left, thankfully they are long enough to be dresses.
size XXL goes down to my knees almost so they look very simple/cute with leggings.
the tags said $1.95 on tag which is uhm, VERY GOOD already
but then Old Navy was having a 50% off clearance sale so yeah, 97 cents! :DD

acid wash hoodie - $1 from Walmart
if ONLY they had bigger sizes. this one fits me but looks super small.
but for one dollar I couldn't turn it down...
even if I used it as a dishwashing rag it'd still be good :D

striped skirt - $1 from Walmart
I got 2, this one and a dark gray/light gray striped one.

leopard print cardigan - $5 from Walmart
this is a size XL, doesn't even look like it, right?
it fits me just fine so yeaaah, weird.
I love it though, my obsession with leopard print has not subsided yet.

best thrift store finds 06/02/10

more to come in this post. these are just the things going in the wash soon or have been already, hahah.
I hit many thrift stores on Monday for Memorial day sales :)

1. Obey tee & Obey baseball tee ($4 each)
at this thrift store I went to they had a bunch of merch. from Zumiez.
what Zumiez did was ruin all the clothes before giving it away. assholes.
seriously such a waste, they marked some up with sharpie, cut some, etc.
the two tees I got aren't bad. the baseball tee had a small tear though.

2. vintage chain-strap purse ($2.50) + vintage mini crossbody ($4.50)
I have always liked big bags for all my junk but I will try these little guys out.

3. suuuuuuuuper amazing cream lace and beaded top. ($5)
can't wait to wear it. I have to go get it dry-cleaned though.
I've been so into lace-y clothes lately. this was the perfect find.

4. leopard-print chiffon button up. ($5)
it's really oversized which I love. I never buy anything in my true size anymore.
I think it suits my frame better. when I wear tight stuff I look like a stick >.<

best thrift store finds

this batch is from about a couple weeks ago, one of my first thrift store excursions. when I say first I mean first in a long while. this batch set off the mannnny trips I've made since then.

1. high-waisted khaki shorts ($2.50)
very high-waisted and very cute. too bad it's too freaking cold to wear em now.

2. vintage (old label) Forever 21 white shoes. ($3)
they were super cheap because it had a blue scuff mark on it.
it was otherwise in perfect condition so I bought them and studded them :)

3. 2007 Nike Valentine's Day satin air forces ($10)
these are limited/discontinued so this was a super lucky find.
they're in like 9/10 condition too. just a slight toe crease.