Sunday, October 17, 2010

blue green florals

vintage Betsey Johnson dress  - $7 Ebay
tights - mom's closet
blue cardigan - boyfriend's closet
shoes - $18.99 Urban Outfitters
DIY studded bag - mom's closet

Makeup (for a wedding reception. lol I don't normally use this much stuff for school/work):
& I know it's hard to see because my eyelids are quite small. unfortunate, but true. you can see it better in my newest video.
e.l.f eyelid primer - $1
e.l.f eyes transformers palette in the light green color - $3
e.l.f eyebrow kit - $3
e.l.f gel liner - $3
green and blue shimmery eyeshadow from 120 color palette - $19.99 Ebay
matte blue from Wet & Wild color icon palette - $3 Rite Aid
Cover Girl coral lip stain - $5 Rite Aid

and by the way, I don't get paid or get any sort of compensation for mentioning/using products on here or in my videos. I just happen to like certain brands a lot, teehee.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Pictures!

Here they are as requested. remember I was sick that night so I'm not looking too happy unfortunately ;(
also my boyfriend hates all the pictures of him that night. teeheeee.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Favorites

some pictures of the stuff I talked about in my video:

 EOS lip balm + Palmers Cocoa Butter lip butter. both free.

Pryamids studs from

Cheap Monday jeans from Ebay for $19.95

Blue worn Dr Martens from the thrift store for $6.99. White Dr Martens from Ebay for $44. Laces for the blue boots were $2 from Walmart.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

cabbage roses

jacket - H&M $9.95
dress - Urban Outfitters $14.99
tights - Target $3.49

I'll get a picture of the actual dress tomorrow... also I'm behind on posts so I might be posting a lot tonight. heh.