Sunday, June 26, 2011


bad news: I've officially lost my camera charger. we cleared my house for a grad party and now it's MIA. of course when I finally have time, it's goneee. I just dropped my aunts and uncle at the airport this morning so they're on their way back to Vietnam as I write this ;( 

anyways, here's some outfit pictures from the past month. I can't take any new pictures so I thought I'd post these up. now I'm off to go search for my charger once again...

patterned dress - $5 Target
denim button up - $3 Walmart
belt - $0.99 Thrift Store
camel gladiators - $12 Ross


(featured in my OOTD video)
Levi's skinny jeans - $10 Urban Outfitters
white button up - Vietnam
black cardigan - $7 H&M
nude heels - $12 Kohl's
belt - $0.99 Thrift Store
canvas bag - $5 Target

(senior brunch, picture w/ my boyfriend and best friend)
as you can see, my black H&M cardigan and camel gladiators are popular pieces in my summer wardrobe.
long patterned dress - $5 JCPenney (see below)
black cardigan - $7 H&M
camel gladiators - $12 Ross

Thursday, June 9, 2011


been so busy! had prom, still gotta go through a bunch of pics. then I had 1/2 graduations. it's a long story but in WA there's a program where you can go to a community college instead of high school for 11th and 12th grade. so while I'm graduating high school in two days, I graduated from a community college today. because of this I have two aunties over here from Vietnam visiting which is suuuuper fun.

will try to get vids up when I can! we're hitting the mall this weekend so I should be able to find some stuff :)