Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dorm Tour Preview!

Hi guys! 
today's my first day of school but I've been moved into my dorm for almost a week now. I have 2 other roommates so the three of us have taken awhile to get things settled (we keep going shopping and buying more stuff). so I will do a room tour sometime next week probably... in the meantime here's a couple pictures of my spaces. I'm on a top bunk so it's hard to show that but the pictures of just of places that are mine.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day to Night, Work to Play - OOTD

this was from last week. it started as a chilly day when I woke up for work. after work I met a friend for dinner and the temperature warmed up a lotttt so I swapped my pants for shorts and my tiny purse for a bigger one to fit my camera, makeup bag, etc. 

 asymmetrical jacket - $10 H&M
long-sleeve tee - $9 Gilly Hicks
black skinnies - $3 Walmart
purse - $4 thrift store
wedges - $8 Target
necklace - $2 Nordstrom Rack

long-sleeve tee - $9 Gilly Hicks
shorts - $6 Forever 21
purse - $20 Urban Outfitters
wedges - $8 Target
necklace - $2 Nordstrom Rack

Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer Outing - OOTD

Hey guys! Quick outfit post. Sorry I didn't take more pictures but you can always click on it to make it big. I didn't mean for this to be an outfit picture but I looked at it and thought "hey, this can go on my blog". 

This was taken at a car show my boyfriend really wanted me to go to. I had no objections because I drag him shopping with me all the time so a couple hours of looking at weird cars was no biggie to me! I was unsure of what to wear though since the girls at car shows tend to dress very... uh... yeah lol. but I chose to stick with my style and whatever, people can stare all they want :)

pale pink sweater top - $4 Nordstrom Rack
patterned shorts - $5 Love Culture
wedges - $8 Target
straw bag - $5 Target
deco bolo necklace - $10 Jewelmint

and if you guys have not voted today... here are the links :)
And my video is called "Bargain Hunting at JCP". just click on my video and click "vote now". that's it!
Thank you guys!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hi Guys!

So I entered a JCPenney/Seventeen Magazine contest where I had to do a video blog sort of about JCP's stuff. I was picked by 3 judges as a top 10 finalist but now it comes to voting. The grand prize is a trip to New York to visit Seventeen's headquarters, the opportunity to be a guest blogger, an iPad, and a $100 gift card to JCP. I'm currently in 5th place which still wins a prize but any votes would be greatly appreciated.

Here's the info: You don't even have to watch the video, just click the "vote now" button.
Here's the direct link. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't
Here's another link in case the other one doesn't work:
And my video is called "Bargain Hunting at JCP".
You can vote once per day and if you could pass this along to anyone else you think could vote that would be very awesome.