Saturday, October 29, 2011

on the go - OOTD

Hey guys!
so here's a quick OOTD post. my roommate and I decided to go on a Walgreens run because we needed some stuff andddd we wanted to look at makeup... hahah.

beret - $5 H&M
jacket - $20ish Forever 21
denim button up - $5 Walmart
gray chiffon top - $3 Nordstrom Rack
black textured leggings - $10 eBay (American Apparel)
boots - $20
deco bolo necklace - $12

a closer look^ and below is a detailed pic of the deco bolo necklace from JewelMint. it's not really an everyday piece but it's pretty awesome!

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Birthday!

Hi All!
I filmed a video already and won't get around to editing it for a day or two. my birthday was on Wednesday so here's a couple pictures. I didn't really do anything since I had a huge essay due the next day. my friends from home came up to my college to visit my boyfriend and I though and they brought me this delicious ice cream cake! 

they of course had to play a joke and my name isn't actually Katherine or last name Li, they had my name spelt wrong and used my boyfriend's last name in place of mine. so silly!

and here is a picture I recently found of my first birthday.... I admit I did look like a boy hahaha.

being 19 sure doesn't feel different from 18... but anyways, hope you guys have an awesome weekend! I'll post some pictures of my costume tomorrow since I'm going out to celebrate tonight =P

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deals at Target!

hey guys! so a lot of people have asked me in my Target hauls where the makeup clearances are. I tried explaining it but it's sort of hard to. basically, the makeup/beauty clearance section is always somewhere random. it's on an end cap ranging from 2-6 aisles down usually.

this is the clearance section for all houseware type stuff. as you can see there's guy's stuff as well as Say Yes to Carrots facial stuff, some makeup bags mixed around, and in the bins there's usually makeup and hair stuff. this time there were only Vitamin Water chapsticks but I did manage to find a gem!

the location if you can tell is between 2 pet aisles lol, so it is pretty random.

I found this Juicy Couture Fragrance set for $28, originally $40! at TJ Maxx and places they're $30 minimum so this set was a slightly better deal. there's one big eau de toilette and the middle one is straight up parfum, then there's their body sorbet.

also, if you guys see these purses at your local Target, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I really want the fox one now! I the owl one for $17 and that's pretty steep but it was too cute and there was only one left... I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cheap Makeup Organization Tips!

Hi guys! so I was thinking about what to blog about and I decided to do a quick blog post about how I organize my makeup since I did have to start all over since I moved into my dorm. 
here's an overall view of my makeup storage. I still haven't found a good place for my palettes so I didn't show them, hahah.

all of the containers/holders I bought from the dollar store except the kitty cat soap dish which I got at Ross.

 starting from the very left, I have two blue square bins from the dollar store. they came in a pack of 3 so they were about $0.33 each. they're deep so they're perfect for holding my lip products in one and eye products in the other. 
I think it's easier to view your lipsticks when you can see the top of the cap since that's where the typically show the color so try to find a container deep enough for your lipsticks to stand in.

as for eye products, my eyeliners and mascaras are all different lengths so a deep container works for them.

then I have my kitty dish. it's actually a soap dish I got from Ross for under $2. it's perfect for just holding random stuff. it's deep enough for jewelry too like bracelets and whatnot. I just have my random tools in here, ones that I reach for a lot like tweezers and nail clippers. soap dishes are incredibly easy to find and they seem to be on clearance a lot too because one might have a chip (like mine) or they just have new styles coming in.

these bins were also $0.33 each and they're pretty long so perfect for laying out my long lip glosses (I also have anything long in there like my rollerball perfumes and eye roller). the second one I have my face products in and they stack next to each other nicely. I don't recommend stacking one on top of the other because it's hard to know which one is which color. 

lastly I have a little coca cola glass and this was $0.50 at the dollar store. you don't need to buy a fancy brush holder to hold your brushes, almost anything will do. at my house I took an old wide glass, filled it halfway with some rice grains and stuck my brushes in that. you can use anything from a drinking class to tin bin or a pencil holder. just get creative.

then this is on my desk but that's where the other bins went. the products I use the most stay on my desk by my mirror so I have easy access to it. 

and that's it, hope you enjoyed! remember to check our your local dollar store because they're bound to have little knickknacks and storage containers that you can make use of. at Target or Walmart the bins would have been at the very least $1-2 each. also, for a full blown makeup organizer container or drawer would have been around $15 so I saved a bit of money by going the dollar store route :)

menswear - quick OOTD

to be honest, I don't dress up for school anymore. I'm so freaking cold in the mornings that I usually just wear some kind of sweatshirt, jeans, and a windbreaker. that's why no ootds lately but I'll post up some pictures even so...

oh yeah and I know our mirrors need to be clean but alas, nobody brought glass cleaner! I'll try to remember some this weekend...

simple outfit. nothing impressive but here it is!

toggle cardigan - $10 Urban Outfitters (guys' cardigan)
black tee - $3 Target
white belt - $1 thrift store
jeggings - $4.50 Crossroad's
shoes - $10 H&M

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainy - OOTD

I think the weather here skipped fall and went straight to winter... and here's my formula for cold, wet days: sweater, skinnies, big scarf, boots, jacket.
hope you guys are enjoying fall!

(boots have rain on them, not stains!)

sweater - mom's
scarf - $5 H&M
jeggings - $6 Wet Seal
cowboy boots - $11 Ross
black jacket - $20some Forever 21 (bought it 3yrs ago)

Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey guys!
soooo I know I haven't been uploading videos but really, it's just because I left my camera at home when I visited Friday. fail >.<. I'm going back home for a couple hours tomorrow or wednesday so I'll get my camera then! I have a HUGE haul to do: PacSun, Hollister, Ross, Forever 21, Sephora, H&M, Target... and I think that's it. 

I don't have any pictures since I don't have my camera but enjoy these fun frame webcam pictures! I got a new laptop recently and discovered all these cool things. I know I'm a couple months early... but it freaking feels like winter here already. I have a 7:30am class and when I wake up my teeth are chattering.

in other news, college is awesome! so happy with my decision to dorm the first year. you guys should definitely consider it if you're not yet in college, it's a great experience.

talk to you guys later! I'll try to start posting more on here since I can't on youtube. I'll try some ootd on my phone and product reviews and whatnot.