Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope you guys had a very merry Christmas if you celebrate, mine was pretty good. it was very laid back, all I did was eat dim sum with my family in the morning, opened some presents, then went to my boyfriend's house to exchange gifts and hang out with his friends/family for awhile.

here's some random pictures of the weekend! note: I only brought home 2 pairs of boots from my dorm sooooo if I do any more outfit posts, you'll probably see these boots again lol.

 $1 top from thrift store, black leggings from Target, $7 pale pink scarf from H&M, $7 black open cardigan from H&M, $25 boots from

 most of my presents for my friends/family. I just recycled paper shopping bags since they do the job perfectly and they've been sitting around in my room waiting to be used for a longgg time. I just bought some tissue paper, ribbon, and to/from tags from the dollar store to make it look more festive.
 shopping on Christmas Eve because my mother insisted I drive her. 
$1 sweater from the thrift store, $9 "Nordic Treasures" necklace from JewelMint, $9 black jeggings from PacSun, $25 boots from

 a present I received from my family that I've alwayyyyys wanted, a lomography camera! as some of you guys know, I'm really into photography. I used to be really active on flickr but not so much lately because of school and such. this is a film camera that is cute and usable. I've had my family's actual vintage cameras but after awhile parts get damaged and they're hard to fix so I'm happy to have a new one.

my boyfriend and I started dating when we were 14/15 and we used to make mixed CDs for each other because we had no money. now that we're 18/19 (I'm 6 months older lol), we finally have the money to buy each other nice presents. it's not the presents that count but I love being able to buy him what he really wants and needs. this^ is what he got me this year. I picked out the HCO jeans and Sigma brushes but the Juicy bag and Tiffany's bracelet was all him (so proud).

anyways, I had a really awesome Christmas. I loved being able to give my family and friends presents and I especially loved reflecting on what a wonderful year I've had. I know that usually happens on New Years but I couldn't help but get a head start. I thank each and every one of you for all the support and love you've shown me this past year! I honestly did not believe YouTube would be so big to me. I did not in a million years think I'd get over 100 subscribers and now I'm x10 times that. So amazing. Thank you guys and I hope you have an incredible rest of 2011!

Monday, December 19, 2011

For Sale Post #2 - 12/19/11

 For Sale Post #2

Please note:
1. I do not accept returns 
2. if you purchase more than one item, I do my best to combine shipping costs for you
2. I accept Paypal
3. to see all that I have for sale, please click here
3. Please send an email to if you are interested in buying something. also feel free to ask any questions you have before buying.
 Bullhead (PacSun) "Hermosa" Super Skinny Jeans
worn several times - size 1 regular (true to size)
$9 + $5 shipping

Bright Pattern Skirt from Nordstrom Rack 
worn once - size small
$5 + $2.50 shipping

BDG (Urban Outfitters) Skinny Cigarette Jeans
seriously my favorite pair ever but they've always fit a little too tight on me so I am selling :(
in excellent condition, these jeans last forever - size 24 (fits like 0)
$13 + $5 shipping
click here for an additional picture

Black Chiffon Grommet Tiered Miniskirt from H&M
worn once - size 2 (like xsmall/small)
$5 + $3 shipping

Forever 21 Acid Wash Ish Jeans
worn once - size 25 (fits like 0)
$9 + $5 shipping

For Sale Post #1 - 12/19/11

the first of several/many? "for sale" posts I'll be doing throughout this next year. I can only really do them when I'm at home because at my dorm I don't have the clothes I'm selling. 
Please note:
1. I do not accept returns 
2. if you purchase more than one item, I do my best to combine shipping costs for you
2. I accept Paypal
3. to see all that I have for sale, please click here
3. Please send an email to if you are interested in buying something. also feel free to ask any questions you have before buying.

 Charlotte Russe Bird Shirt/Tunic 
only worn twice - size L
$6 + $4 shipping
click here for an additional picture

 H&M Long Navy Sweater
never worn - size XS (fits loose)
$8 + $5 shipping

 Hollister "Pollution Sucks" Whale V-Neck 
worn once - size small
$5 + $2.50 shipping

 Aeropostale Plaid Ruffle Shirt Dress
worn several times - sz M
$5 + $3.50 shipping

 Papaya Sweater V-Neck Dress
worn 3 times, has pockets & tab sleeves - size small
$4 + $4 shipping

 Dark Chambray Tunic (Miley Cyrus brand)
worn once -  fits like size small
$4 + $4 shipping
Kirra (PacSun) Navy/White Polka Dot Pocket Tank
worn once - size large
$5 + $2.50 shipping

O'Neil Pale Pink Lace/Swiss Dot Top
brand new w/ tags - size small
$5 + $3 shipping

Mossimo (Target) Floral Button Up
never worn - size medium
$4 + $3 shipping

Sunday, December 11, 2011

grandpa sweater - OOTD

Hey guys!
I totally discovered this sweater while looking through my mom's closet. it's my dad's old sweater that shrunk so much he couldn't wear it anymore. thankfully, I happen to love chunky sweaters so this one didn't have to go to waste. 

black beret - $5 Ross
sweater - mom's closet
deco bolo necklace - $10 JewelMint
vintage whistle necklace - $3 thrift store
aeropostale jeggings - $4.50 Crossroad Trading Co.
desert boots - $8 Target

Sale Alert! Essie Nail Polishes + Drugstore Makeup

Hey Guys!
I stopped by Rite Aid earlier today and saw that they had a clearance container of stuff which included $3 Maybelline lipsticks, $2 L'oreal Hip eyeshadow duos, other random stuff, anddd $4 Essie nail polishes!

I know Essie's really popular and I rareeeely ever see any sales on them. the colors I saw were from this summer's line so they're pretty recent. I bought 4 and they had about 3 other colors but I decided 4 was enough and a couple of them were pretty similar.

Super Basa Nova, Smooth Sailing, Meet me at Sunset, Absolutely Shore

Walgreens also had clearances on things like Maybelline lip stains and cream blushes, L'oreal lipsticks, Rimmel lipsticks and lip glosses, Wet N Wild lip glosses and eyeshadows, etc, etc.

so if you're looking for drugstore makeup now is definitely the time! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

blog sale?

hey guys!
so I've gotten a couple youtube messages, formspring questions, and blog comments asking me if/when I'll post stuff up for sale.

would you guys actually be interested in purchasing some items from me?

as you may know... I like to shop and I live in a tiny space so my closet could definitely stand to shrink. and I buy all my stuff for cheap so if I sold it, it'd be cheap to buy.

I sold stuff on a MySpace account for about 6 months then eBay for another 6 months but eBay takes a good % of money from me so it'd be awesome if I could sell on my blog.

just let me know in a comment if you would be interested. thanks guys! :)

EDIT: I ship my stuff through USPS and charge by weight so shipping costs are at a minimum. a shirt for example would be $2.50ish to ship, jeans are heavier so they'll be around $5, etc. the only things that cost a lot to ship are jackets and shoes since they're heavier but I might not even bother posting those up. the post office does have flat-rate shipping so if you buy more than one item, I can probably save you on shipping by putting it into a flat-rate envelope/box.

also, as a commenter pointed out, I wear stuff in all sizes so there's a good variety in what I sell. I think it's just because some things I like to have a looser fit so I wear up to XL stuff heh.

Monday, December 5, 2011

weekend summary

I have finals this week and next soooo... my life is pretty much nonexistent until I'm all done with them. in the meantime here's a quick post about my weekend.

I mostly did Christmas shopping and ended up getting some reaaaally awesome stuff for my boyfriend this year. I also got my mom, aunt, and baby cousin some stuff. 

my roommates and I hit up Urban Outfitters and bought so much stuff (for others!) that we reached the "ginormous shopping bag level" -___- 

then we got a little dressed up to go out...  and we have barely any pictures on an actual camera (not cell) so we spent so time taking them on my camera. teeheeee.

and this pic's not from this weekend but it shows our weekly routine of eating pho with my boyfriend because he can eat bowls upon bowls of it! I get tired of it since I ate it so much growing up but he loves it so much I can't deny him his pho hahah.

hope you guys had a great weekend as well!