Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Forever 21 Clearance!

hey guys! 

just wanted to do a quick blog post because Forever 21 is having a HUGE clearance online. they have free shipping over $50 so I bought about $50 worth of stuff but trust me, I really had to narrow it down because the sales were so good. I mostly just wanted to stock up on basics for layering in the spring.

here's what I ordered:

and lately you guys have been telling me on formspring about all the sales that are going on right now and that's awesome! keep them coming :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sale Alert! - American Apparel

Hey guys!
I'm about to take my 2nd final in an hour so I'm just making a quick blog post.

last night as I was attempting to study some more... I randomly checked American Apparel's website and they are having a MEGA clearance sale! I loveeee some of their clothing but honestly, it's pretty expensive. I ended up only buying 3 things (believe me, I wanted to buy more), 2 skirts and a pair of leggings. the skirts where normally $44 but on clearance for only $9! some shirts on there were as low as $2 even...

Here's a quick screen cap of the 3 things I got. the leggings may look odd but they will look very different with clothing on top lol. and can you believe the leggings were originally $40?!
photos from
their clothing is usually flashier with their shiny materials and whatnot but they also have a TON of basics on sale as well like vnecks, pullovers, yoga pants and whatnot.
links to the things I bought in case you're interested:

as always, if you guys know of any other sales going on, please let me know! :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

latest splurge...

Hey guys! long time no update! basically it's finals week for me and once I'm done I have lotttts of videos to edit and things to blog about. I already filmed 2 videos but just haven't had a chance to upload yet.
in the meantime here's a quick blog post about my newest baby... you guys know I don't splurge very often. before this, the most expensive bag I bought for myself was $40 (a used juicy couture bag from ebay... hahah). I've had my eye on this bag since Christmas time and when it went on sale recently... I had to buy it!
Marc Jacobs Hillier Nylon bag:

it was normally $248 and I got it for... $165 at Nordstrom. AHHHHH, still can't believe I bought a bag that expensive but I rareeeely do ever splurge and decided it was my reward for all the hard work I've been doing this quarter!it really is a functional bag and I loveeee it.

and just to clear up some things... people have been asking me a lot lately how I can afford to shop so often and truth is I don't really. I mean I do shop a lot but you guys see my hauls in a collective manner, sometimes over the span of a month+. also, the things I show in my videos are reallyyyy cheap so I don't spend a lot of $$ each time I shop. andddd lastly I did work a lot the past two years and saved up my money since I knew I'd be heading off to college... and now I'm spending that money in college hahah.

I'll be back with some more blog posts soon! :)
and perhaps more detailed pictures soon as these ones were just quick pics I snapped a couple minutes ago heh.