Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hot/cold - OOTD

hey all! *this is the ultimate fail ootd post* but I decided to post it anyways since I did like my outfit hahaha. long story short, my camera was running on extremely low battery when I tried to take my pics and I got ONE picture in before it died. that picture happened to be out of focus of course.... and now hours later I got my charger back (left it in my boyfriend's car) but I already changed. I did try to take some iphone pics but uh, those didn't turn out good either :(

anyways, today was cold then warm then cold so I kept switching between my black shorts and black cords.

denim shirt  - $5 Walmart (diff. from yesterday's! hahah)
owl crop tee - $4ish PacSun
pink belt - $1 thrift store
black shorts - $3 Old Navy
black cords - $10 PacSun
black moccasins - $5 American Eagle
yellow scarf - Target

Monday, April 9, 2012

spring time at last...

Hey guys! so lately I've been working on a vlog video so that should go up by the end of the week! also I haven't been feeling good the past couple weeks but now I'm starting to feel better again. I was full out sick for a couple days and was miserableeee but it's all good now. then finally, the weather in the Pacific Northwest has started to warm up. it's been like low fifties for awhile but today hit 64 which I am so happy about, hahah. 

here's some quick pics of today:

midi skirt - $7 Forever 21
black tank - $2.80 Forever 21
denim shirt - $5 Walmart
brown bracelets - $1 for set H&M
cross earrings - $1.50 Forever 21
green flats - $9.99 Urban Outfitters
the beautiful cherry blossoms at my school!