Thursday, June 28, 2012



so I recently got a comment on here asking for tips for shopping July 4th sales but I thought I'd do one in general that would apply to any big sale (Black Friday, Day after Christmas, etc.)

P.S this blog post is for the serious shoppers... yes it may be silly but some of us hold back our shopping throughout the year (or try to) and let loose on a sale!

P.S.S I don't actually know of any huge July 4th sales yet because I'm going to be busy around that time so I haven't done any research yet but when I do I'll make another blog post!

  1. Do research!!! - any time there's a big sale, stores will open earlier. you don't want to be unprepared and show up too early/late. most companies send out special July 4th ads in the mail the day before so read those ads as they'll tell you the start time for sales and when the store opens. also research the actual sales, do you need coupons? is the sale only for cardmembers? does it only apply to certain items? etc. etc.
  2. Have a "game plan" - it'll just make things so much easier if you just plan ahead of time. for example, figure out where you MOST wanna go and go there first. if you go there 2nd or 3rd, you're gonna have less money to shop with which you might regret once you get there. also plan out what you want to buy, that way you don't end up with 15 pairs of shoes for example! those impulse buys can be deadly on your wallet and a hassle if you want to return stuff later.
  3. Better early than late - being early = you can take a breath and relax, finding parking won't be as big of a hassle, and you'll get to the sales early! bring a snack or something so you can chill in your car if you're early. or if it's a sale where you have to wait in line (black friday), just relax and wait in line. it'll be way better than stressing out because you're late for a sale! also if you're late, you might get there and realize that what you wanted to buy is all sold out.
  4. Carry only the essentials - sadly, there's people out there who can take advantage of you if they can. think about, big sales = crowds and crowds of people. they might see your purse unzipped or a shopping back unattended and make their move. I usually carry a crossbody bag with me and only carry a small wallet (w/ cash, cards, ID, coupons) and my phone. it also frees my hands up for actual shopping and carrying shopping bags. leave your big bags at home!
  5. Don't let stores fool you... - this kind of goes along with "research" but this is an important point so here it is separate! if you can, check out sales BEFORE the actual big sale and see if they're already cheap. if they are, make your move then instead of waiting because sometimes stores will advertise big sales... but in reality they're the same prices from before only this time with nice colorful signs designed to lure you in. if it is cheaper on the actual sale date then it's fine, just return your previous purchase. just because they say "SALE" doesn't mean it's actually a good deal.
  6. Relax - honestly, with all the chaos that comes on a big shopping day, it can get stressful. just go with a friend and have some fun! things ALWAYS go on sale so if you miss out on a sale one day, you're sure to find good deals another day.
some of these tips were mentioned in my Black Friday video... I forgot all about this! my boyfriend crashed my video and this is one of the few glimpses you guys have gotten of him in my videos hahah. click here to view it!

& hope this post was somewhat helpful!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upcoming Videos!

Hey All!

I have a list here I've videos I'm going to be posting in the month of July. some I've already began filming and some I'm just now brainstorming.

  • Jewelry Collection & Storage (as seen in picture above). the majority of my storage was DIY so I thought it might be helpful
  • Room Tour!!!! - this will probably be late July... but better late than never? I'm just never satisfied with my room but I'm almost there!
  • Summer Outfits Under $25 - I did one last year so I thought I'd make it an annual thing. maybe with themes so it's a series not just one video like 1) dresses 2) shorts 3) neon, etc. etc.
  • Neutral Summer Eye Tutorial? - I got a lot of requests from the makeup I wore in my last Drugstore Makeup Haul so maybeeee....
  • Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag - LOL I got my bf to agree to it. he's a little nervous but I assured him the boyfriends who do the tag aren't makeup artists or anything hahah.
  • Makeup Collection & Storage - I can actually film this anytime, I'm 100% happy with my storage now!
and of course all my normal haul videos mixed in between... and maybe some more vlogs :)
anything else you guys want to see?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Recommendations? + OOTD

Hi guys!
so this summer my goal is to do more vlog videos since you guys always have a lot of questions about when I go shopping. instead of trying to type out things, it'd be soooo much easier to just bring my camera along while I shop. right now I have a clunky DSLR (Nikon 3100) which is awesome for normal videos but not for on the go since it's so huge (will only fit in some of my purses).

do you guys know of a good but cheap normal digital camera? I just want one that can record decent quality video, it doesn't have to be amazing or anything since it's just vlogging. I think I just wanna spend $200 max. right now I'm thinking "no" on Kodaks too.... just because my family has owned a couple in the past and I haven't been a fan. I know a lot of you guys probably own a digital camera so let me know if you like yours and think it might work for me!

anddddd, here's yesterday's OOTD. it was in my video and instagram (ohhcatherine) but I'll post it here too with all the details:

sheer gray top - $4 Old Navy
black lace bandeau (underneath) - $6 Aerie
gold collar necklace - $8 F21
pink belt - $1 thrift store
floral printed shorts - $5 PacSun

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sales! Sales! Sales!

This week shall be a very exciting one because semi-annual sales will be starting up!

  1. Victoria's Secret - online now & starts Tuesday June 12 in stores. The sale is going on online now but in-store is usually a lot better. I've never shopped their spring semi-annual sale but I'm hoping the deals are as good as the winter one. Last semi-annual sale of theirs (in the winter), I got yoga pants for $8, full-size perfumes for $13, hoodies for $10, etc. etc. I don't usually shop there because I just wait until they have a huge sale so I can blow my money there and get more bang for my buck. I loveeee their lounge wear because everything's just so comfy and cute. Last time their clearance bras were $15 and undies were $3. I didn't find out about the sale until later so I didn't find any bras in my size but hopefully this time I will!
  2. Bath and Body Works - starts July 12 online & July 13 in stores. Again, in-store usually has better deals. Last time pretty much all of their signature collection was marked down to $3. I'm talking full-size body creams, shower gels, lotions, etc. The large 3-wich candles are usually $10 or less, hand sanitizers last time were like $0.30, etc. etc.
  3. Aerie - online now & starts July 11th in stores. I don't really know what's going to be a part of this sale in stores, I'm guessing just lots of markdowns. I love Aerie stuff but lately their sales have gotten weaker and weaker. I'm hoping this sale will prove me wrong. Online I see that undies are 7/$26 (not that special since they run that promotion every couple weeks) and some of their bras are marked down about $5 cheaper than last week before the sale. I will check it out Tuesday though after Victoria's Secret and let you guys know if Aerie's worth checking out!
  4. Forever 21 bras and panties - online now. I don't own any of F21's bras or panties but it seems like this sale is online only. select bras are buy 1 get 1 free and lots of undies are marked down to $1-$1.50. I wish there were more bras on sale but the undies seem like a good deal for so cheap. 
If you guys know of any other semi-annual sales going on, let me know! In the meantime, happy shopping! ;)