Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini Haul Blog - PacSun & Target

Hey all! So I just have a couple things from PacSun and Target that I bought recently. I didn't think it was enough to have a whole video to itself so here it is on my blog. it's also good because I want to use my blog more so maybe I'll do haul-blogs more frequently if I have just a couple things to show (instead of waiting a long time to get more stuff for a video)


they had a huge markdown sale where if you bought 3 or more of their redline clearance items, each item would then be an additional 70% off! 

 each skirt: $2:10
white eagle top: $2:70
pink eagle top: $2.10
belt (separate receipt): $1.20


3 patterned scarves: $4.48 each (good deal for fall!)
polka dot skinny jeans: $22.99 (not on sale)
yellow mocs: $9.98

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi All!

sorry long time no update! I've been busy busy busy house hunting, working, planning m trip to Chicago to see my friend, and dealing with stuff at home. it's been a month since my dad has been gone and it's like, some days are good... and some just aren't. hope you guys understand!

anyways, after dinner with my boyfriend last night, we went to Target at like... 10:30pm at night (very quiet, very peaceful hahah) so here's a quick OOTD. if you guys wanna see what I got, I just uploaded a haul video this morning so you can watch that now. I'll also show the random school supplies and home decor stuff I got from there in a separate video.

collar top - $9 F21
black shorts - $3 Old Navy
moccasins - $13 American Eagle
Deco Bolo necklace - $9 Jewelmint
tan crossbody - $5ish Thrift Store 

clearance stuff at Target! people always ask me where to find makeup clearance stuff and it's usually on an endcap NEAR but not at the actual beauty aisles. in this Target they had perfumes, nail polishes, and random Pixi brand items on clearance.

and here is my latest project! I spent a good several hours revamping an old pair of Dr Martens I bought for $7 from the thrift store. now they're galaxy printed! I'm actually quite proud of them, considering I kind of blindly attempted it lol. I might do a DIY video on these later. it's a long story but basically I bought these boots to test on since they were so cheap. they're a little too tight on me so I want to replicate this onto a different pair of Docs I have that actually fit.

and lastly, my instagram is: ohhcatherine
in case you guys wanna follow. I post pictures on there that are like little mini daily blog posts :)