Friday, November 16, 2012

Random Target Haul

Hey All!

Here's some random stuff I got from Target. There's actually a ton more but most of them have been put to use already.

There were Sonia Kashuk sets on clearance! I really wanted the studded headband/clips set when I first saw it come out several months ago. The original price was $9.99 and on clearance it was $2.98! The headband is very nice too, it feels like faux leather with the pyramid studs on it.

The set on the right was $3.88 and the polish seems alright. I do like the colors though!

TimTams are my newest addiction... they're chocolate wafers that are SO good. Nice and creamy w/o being too sweet. Target only sells them seasonally so I've been stocking up. Glade candles were on sale for $2.50 and they smell SO good. As for the gloves, I love them because they're the ones you can use with your smartphone. They were $3 regular price. Then for the random object on the right... I just needed an ice scraper to keep in my car. The temp has been dipping into the 30's at night here in WA! 

To see the clothing I bought from Target, just watch my newest haul video!
Hope you all have a great weekend! :)

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