Monday, December 11, 2017

Haul: Makeup and Beauty Sales!

Hi guys!

I recently made a few makeup/beauty purchases from Sephora and Nordstrom. Some are Christmas gifts for other people.... and some are for me :). I plan to film a haul video once everything arrives and I get a few more things in-store but here are screencaps of 2 of my orders:


$15 off $50 if you're at the basic level of their beauty rewards like me. More if you're VIB! Code is 2017Reward through 12/12 for the basic level and 12/13 if you're higher. 


Through the end of day either tonight or 12/12, Nordstrom is automatically price matching to Macy's who has 15% off almost all of their beauty products. No code needed! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

OOTD: Big Island, Hawaii

Hi everyone!

Just got back from the Big Island earlier this week and daaaaaamn, was it nice. We spent two nights in Kailua-Kona, two nights in Ocean View, and one night in Hilo. I posted a video of highlights here. I'll be posting later on the budget breakout of our entire trip since we scored some good deals, but in the meantime I'll post some OOTD posts since I wore a lot of stuff from recent hauls.

Gray skater dress - $5 Forever 21
Rip Curl bikini top - $11 Nordstrom Rack
Black Ipanema sandals - $15 Nordstrom Rack

Monday, November 6, 2017

OOTD: San Diego!

Hi all!

I was in San Diego for 5 nights recently to celebrate my 25th birthday. It was a ton of fun and since it was vacation time, I wore a lot of new clothes. Most pieces were featured in my last several haul videos so I figured I'd post the actual outfits here:

I met chef Richard Blais who is one of my favorites from Top Chef! 

Jumpsuit: $5.99 - Forever 21

Swimsuit - $24 Asos
Open cardigan - $6.59 Forever 21
Elastic denim shorts - $8 Forever 21
Jhene Aiko x Teva sandals - $75 Teva

Studded cutout romper - $6 Forever

More later!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Selling Stuff!

Hi everyone!

Since I recently moved, I'm finally getting around to clearing out the last of the our boxes and making room in my closet. Check out my Poshmark if you'd like! I'll be posting a lot more in the next several days. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Sale Alert: Urban Outfitters & Forever 21

Coming into the weekend, just got some email notifications for sales I thought I'd share with you guys!

Urban Outfitters:

Extra 40% off clearance in stores and online! Their UO membership is free and only takes a minute or two to sign up online so I would do it. You rack up reward points for discounts and such and get a greater discount during clearance sales like this one.

Forever 21:

21% off your purchase of $50 in stores and online!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

OOTD: Capitol Hill Block Party

Hey all! 

Decided to do some backtracking and post some OOTDs from the past few months until I can start posting current ones again. Also, just for fun. :) 

This outfit was from Capitol Hill Block Party, a local festival of sorts that takes place in a Seattle neighborhood. My favorite performances were from Jai Wolf, Trippy Turtle, and Diplo. It was a summer day but in Seattle - you never know, so I packed a lightweight cardigan for the chilly nights.

Strapless patterned top - $4 Forever 21
High waist shorts - $5 Urban Outfitters
Gray cardigan - $7 Nordstrom Rack
High top Vans - $36
Black choker - $2 Forever 21
Yellow Rebecca Minkoff crossbody - ? Nordstrom Rack

Monday, September 25, 2017

Recent Orders!

Happy Monday!

While I've definitely cut down on shopping, I couldn't resist placing a few orders this week. My birthday is next month and I'll be spending a few days in San Diego with friends, soooo that calls for new clothes, right?

I first placed an order with F21 since they sent me an email advertising up to 75% off in their sale section. I found a bunch of items then my Honey toolbar extension automatically found an additional coupon code that helped save me some more. Def. not a sponsored post, but if you'd like to join via my referral link, you can do so here! While not all sites have coupon codes, Honey is nice because it takes away the step of me Googling coupon codes and trying each one manually. 

I bought a mix of summer/fall stuff and a few things for my boyfriend. Here's everything:

Then in a panic to find new swimwear, I found two swimsuits on Asos. I have a bunch of mix and match top/bottoms but wanted to try a one piece. I likely won't keep both but I wanted to spend the minimum $40 for free shipping and their returns are free! PLUS, we all know how hard it is finding the perfect-fitting swimsuit online, right? :( 

That's all for now! 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Travel Post: Copenhagen!

Continuing with travel posts from my trip to Europe earlier this year.... Copenhagen! Or KĂžbenhavn.

After our stopover in Iceland, we flew several hours away to Denmark. In March, it was still fairly chilly here and we wore layers to keep warm as we did in Iceland. While it was dry, skies were gloomy until our last day (of course). Everyone we encountered spoke English and everyone was so kind. We were very lost when first looking for our Airbnb and people on the street offered to help point us in the right direction. For transportation, we mostly utilized the Metro, as it was like an underground... subway? If you're familiar with transportation in Seattle, it's very similar to the Light Rail. It was very simple to use and I'd highly recommend it! 

One of the more picturesque stops was along Nyhavn which was a cool area along a canal with restaurants and shops, many in fun and bright colors. As we were weary of prices along this popular waterfront, we didn't stop inside any of these places but they were gorgeous to look at. 

The COOLEST place we visited though was this street food vendor area. It's super industrial looking with shipping containers surrounding the outside and wood palettes used inside. There were all kinds of food inside for decent prices. Our favorites included a Brazilian BBQ vendor and an Italian one. Specifically, we ordered a mixed BBQ plate and beef carpaccio. There were also vendors serving Asian cuisine, American, etc. They also had several stands selling beer which went perfectly with our meal. This is also a good place to sample different things since servings were entirely full-sized. 

(^picture from Google)

Speaking of food, breakfast/brunch in Denmark was so fulfilling! Maybe it's just me, but breakfast before work is something easy like a yogurt or some fruit. Rarely do I have a whole spread like what they offer in Europe. I highly recommend Mad & Kaffe as they have several locations and you use a checklist to mark what items you want. Everywhere we had breakfast though, was amazing. Any kind of platter came with a dairy item, protein, bread, etc. We'd get full off of this and eat a late lunch.

^Brunch @ Mad & Kaffe

^Brunch @ Paludan Bog&Cafe 

Overall, we had a really fun time here. We stayed in our AirBnB for two nights, went to Sweden for two nights, then spend the last night in Copenhagen again, this time in a hostel called the Urban House. It was a little under $100/night here which is high for our budget but it was close to the airport and train station so it was very convenient for our last night. They had kiosks for check-in and a bar and restaurant downstairs. There was a nighttime special running where they'd discount a purchase of 6 shots of Jager lol. We got the most drunk we had the entire trip while taking advantage of the special hahah. :)

^Our room @ Urban House

Next blog will be about our time in Sweden!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Travel Post: Iceland!

So.... in all honestly, this blog has been dead for awhile. I haven't been shopping a lot lately and frankly, that's just because most of my money has been going towards rent, food, car payments, and traveling! I could go on and on with my absence but mainly wanted to start over and document other things happening in my life.

Last November, I had a MAJOR travel bug but with no idea where to go. I had apps downloaded to my phone like Kayak and Hopper and email travel alerts set up from Airfarewatchdog and TravelPirates. I received an alert for Seattle to Barcelona flights for $360. And what did I do? I decided to wait until I got home from work to make a decision. Major fail because prices went right back up after a few hours.

Later that month, tickets to Denmark were advertised for $450ish through IcelandAir. Through their airline, you can make an extended layover in Iceland at no additional charge. Sooooo I booked! In March this year, we did: 2 nights in Iceland, 3 nights in Denmark, and 2 nights in Sweden since it was 30 mins away by train from Copenhagen. 

My main reason for wanting to visit Iceland? The Northern Lights! Which we saw a total of 3 nights even though we only stayed for 2. We flew in around 5am the first day which was early enough for the sky to be dark and lit with lights we could see from our airplane window. It was truly breathtaking. They weren't SUPER easy to find but all it took was literally watching the sky and driving to places further out from the city. 

We also got to see a TON of beautiful scenery. We rented a car for pretty cheap and an add-on option was a little portable wifi device (Mi-Fi) for $9/day. TOTALLY worth it as a GPS was more expensive and we could use the wifi on our phones for GPS. It also allowed us to look up places to go, post pictures, communicate with friends back home, etc.

The first day we mainly explored Reykjavik, the capitol. The city was small but so cute. There were tons of little shops and places to eat, though things were pretty pricey. Makes sense considering islands usually have higher prices. We still managed to keep in-line with our budget, though. We ate at cafes vs. formal restaurants and drank Pilsners which were significantly cheaper than other beers (there are cultural reasons for this - but we didn't mind as we drink them here in the states lol). 

The second full day was dedicated to the Golden Circle road trip, which you can easy find routes for by Googling! It took us in a loop to see unique landmarks that were pretty varied but each amazing. There were waterfalls, valleys, crater lakes, hot springs, etc. Even driving between destinations was picture perfect. 

Overall, our quick trip in Iceland left me wanting more. We plan to visit again next summer so we can see the landscape in a different season, and we plan to visit another region of Iceland because there's so much to see and we only got to see a teeny fraction of it. For the future, I also know we can wait for ticket prices to drop EVEN more because we saw tickets to Denmark via Iceland for $380 shortly before we left for our trip. Truly.... deals.

Some quick notes:

  • Cold water is SO clean and fresh in Iceland. Don't bother buying bottled water.
  • Hot water... kinda smells like eggs. We only showered at hot springs facilities and didn't smell anything different but the sinks in various restrooms smelled like eggs from the sulfur when it's hot. Just brush your teeth with cold water and you'll be fine.
  • Restaurants are pricey due to taxes and the general cost of things. Cafes are definitely the way to go. Filling food at a lower cost!
  • Everyone we ran into was so friendly. They spoke English and were very kind about us not being locals.
I have a TON more pictures but wanted to keep this post light. May upload more at a later time. :) 
And will post about Denmark and Sweden some time.